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Agency Referral Program

Let’s Partner Up!

A successful business is about successful partnerships. Empuls3 has over ten years of experience helping of local businesses across the US. Our proven process helps businesses with local customer generate new leads, sales, and awareness.

We are proud to introduce the Empuls3 Referral Program. A simple and effective way to deliver referrals you would like to share with us while at the same time allowing us to say thank you through what we feel is a generous referral fee paid directly to you for those prospective clients that ultimately work with our team of Digital Marketing experts.

While we do not subcontract or white label our services, we greatly value referrals and we develop referral partnerships with the right marketers.

Before we meet to discuss a referral partnership, please read the following commonly asked questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we white label/subcontract Empuls3?

No, at this time we are not white labeling or subcontracting for other agencies, but we have a great referral program where we work alongside you and help out with your project. In order to maintain our high level of quality and to get the best results for each client, we have decided not to white label. It’s important to us to work directly with clients as Empuls3, utilizing our normal processes, team, software, and communication tools.

I see that Empuls3 offers some of the same services that I do. How can I refer to Empuls3 without losing my client?

We’d certainly be willing to sign an NDA or work out logistics to protect your relationship, and we could focus on offering a single service exclusively, like Local SEO, and leave the rest to your agency.

How does your referral program work?

We have a lot of great referral partnerships set up with other agencies and marketing professionals. When they refer new business to us, they are paid a referral fee. Often, we work alongside our referral partners while they focus on their part of the project, and we do ours. We’ve found that clients appreciate this as well, and they feel like they’re working with specialists and experts in a specific service area.

What kind of clients can we refer to you?

We work exclusively with businesses that have a customer who is local to them — such as service area businesses, brick-and-mortar, landscapers and other green industry businesses, dental, E-commerce, government contracts and/or organizations with lengthy, unnecessary RFP processes, Political organizations and campaigns, Realtors or real estate professionals and restaurants. We are experts at helping businesses get found and generate leads through Local SEO, which helps them rank highly on Google and in smartphone searches for local businesses.

How it Works

  • You know someone who needs a website
  • You refer them to us with some basic information on who they are and what they’re looking for
  • We consult with them to see how we can help
  • Your referral decides to do business with us
  • We sign a contract, get the initial deposit and you get paid!

Once you refer us a client, we will contact you to get all of the details you have on their marketing needs. From there we will reach out to the client and make introductions. If your referral decides to use Empuls3 for its project(s), then you will be rewarded an amount commensurate with the table to the below.

This amount will be paid once the client provides their initial project deposit and will be based on the amount of the initial sale. This is a single payment and does not continue for the full term of the client relationship.

For sales greater than $25,000 = $2500

For sales $10,000 - $25,000 = $1000

For sales $5,000 - $10,000 = $500

For sales $2,500 - $5,000 = $250

For sales less than $2,500 = $100

Affiliate Contact

Please fill in the fields below with the information you have on your referral or any questions that you may have. We will review your submission and get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks, and we look forward to working with you!

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