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Empuls3 is a comprehensive branding agency specializing in creation, launch, and rebranding. As branding experts, we help small businesses to create, plan, measure, and manage immense branding strategies. Our approach towards branding is a culmination of everything right from data, design, user behavior, and psychology. Put simply, we help brands to attain Digital Enlightenment.

Here are some branding services that we offer


Brand Identity

We establish your brand identity through strong and clear communication to help create awareness among your audience.


Brand Persona Creation

We conduct an in-depth analysis of your company’s story, values, and traits to create your brand persona in the form of a mascot, person, or character.


Brand Communication

Our marketing and advertising team creates different types of brand communication like ads and taglines to perfectly convey your message across.


Brand Positioning Strategy​

With a positioning strategy, we positively place your brand in your customers’ minds, maximize its appeal, and overall brand value.


Brand Image Management

With the right research and branding tools, we define your company’s brand image to ensure customers perceive your brand in the right way.


Brand Differentiation Strategy

We develop and apply an effective brand differentiation strategy for your company that uniquely distinguishes your brand from the crowd.


Brand Gap Minimization

As a specialized service, we also help shorten the brand gap between your customers’ beliefs about your company and the promises you deliver.


Brand Extension Marketing

With our Brand Extension Marketing services, we utilize your already established brand name to market new products or services.

why us

How do we remain at the top?

At Empuls3, Branding is more than just a marketing practice. Marketing pertains to the idea of making something sellable and for us, Branding doesn’t fit in that category or definition. Branding, for us, is something that is beyond marketing. We treat branding like raising a child. It is the equivalent of nurturing a business persona for the world to identify with.
This is where our experts step in the picture and lay the foundation to chart a brand persona. We club insights with creativity to build your brand’s intangible identity that includes everything from a name, logo, colors, and design language. We sit and form ideas to bring a brand identity that carries the element of novelty with it. That’s how we provide ​branding services for small business.​

Branding for us is similar to the population explosion. Every other person is starting their own business today which ultimately makes the need for good branding more than ever. Empuls3 simply steps into the picture and literally does one job – Differentiate your brand from the rest.

Our take towards this Small Business Branding Services stems from the theory of existence itself. Though all humans have two legs, two hands, two eyes, two ears, and one nose, they look different. Each and everyone has unique talents which makes the human species similarly different. We tie this concept to branding where your brand has a logo, design, voice and everything, however, our experts at Empuls3 simply differentiate it by giving a unique touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Branding cannot be worded down to one single definition. Although it is widely associated with marketing, we believe that branding is a subjective concept. Branding certainly doesn’t limit the creation of a logo and a clever tagline. It represents everything right from the story your brand intends to convey to the image the messaging creates in the minds of the customer. For Empuls3, Branding, as a small business branding agency, is perception. A perception created intentionally after carefully considering the nature of the mind and how it values something. Elements like logo, colors, tagline are all supporting pillars that help create the perception we intend to create.

The logo represents a graphic or typographic visual element of your brand. The brand represents an idea or much better a perception. The logo and brand relationship is the equivalent of mind and body. The logo represents the body whereas the brand represents the mind. The body will be useless if the mind doesn’t work and the mind will never find visibility if it doesn’t have a body. Logo plays a pivotal role in helping the audience identify your brand amongst an ocean of other brands. Your brand represents everything right from the idea of its existence to the value it delivers. Branding services for small business done right!

Here at Empuls3, the branding process comprises only two things at large – You and Your Business. Our experts will kick the process with a strategic discussion pertaining to what exactly are we trying to do. Once the idea of what needs to be done is in place, we proceed further. We learn about you as a person, the values your company wishes to uphold, the value it wishes to deliver through its service, and many other factors that play a crucial role in brand development. Basically, we dig deep the roots to get a clear understanding of who we are and then we curate interesting ideas to deliver the message of who we are and what we do to gauge the interest of people.

As Branding Expert ,we do end-to-end branding for every business. To break it down, here’s what we do! Logo design: Our creative experts will ideate and conceptualize a killer logo design that will be awesome to the point where it stays in your audience head rent free. Logo variations: If your business already has certain branding guidelines laid down but wishes to tweak the branding completely, then you can opt for our variation services where we cover everything right from logo to entire branding.

After we give your brand the Empuls3 touch, we ensure your brand will have a new life and a new light. The audience that must’ve perceived your brand as something not so massive will get a taste of what an exciting brand sounds like. These efforts are channeled into a direction to gauge more eyeballs and to command more audience interest. In this way, we build a community where we ensure conversations happen on a regular basis which in turn leads to a healthy brand life. After hiring our services, you can be sure that people will look at your brand from a new perspective and a new light.

Good question. To answer that, we’d need you to use an ounce of your imagination so you get the perfect picture as to why branding is important. Let’s assume you are born in this world and your parents never named you, they never taught you gender differences, ethics, morals, values, and everything set of guidelines that humans learn to live in a society. What happens next? Yes, you guessed it. You will be an individual who is completely lost, understanding the very nature of identity. Similarly, there are gazillions of businesses out there and without branding your business will only add more to the noise rather than cutting through it. As Branding Expert, we recommend this is why branding is as important as the name of an individual.

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