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The Company Is Its People.

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So who is Empuls3?

Empuls3 is composed of a professional team that develops effective digital marketing strategies for forward-thinking businesses. Empuls3 provides superior service and quality workmanship on all projects for our clients.

Our company was founded on the notion that we can help all businesses, whether large or small, to build and maintain a strong client base and to sustain and enhance those relationships.

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We know the value of your time and budget.

That’s why we don’t commoditize our digital marketing solutions. Instead, we present a plan based on research and experience, but remain agile, making recommendations and updates based on data.

This approach allows us to work with you to achieve your goals, whether that’s a reduced cost of customer acquisition, a shortened sales cycle, better-qualified leads or increased brand awareness.

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How We Work

A collection of creatives on a passion and results-driven mission to design, write and code custom
digital marketing solutions not just for our clients, but for their clients. We’re where the right brain
meets the left brain and our strategy-based services are built on real relationships, not egos.


Our strategy team answers this question through consumer insights, ecosystem planning, and reframing problems to enable businesses to think, act and communicate more effectively.

Kickoff Meetings Site / CMS Audits

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Every client is different, so we like to dig in and develop a custom digital marketing strategy that can help you overcome the unique challenges identified in the discovery phase.

Persona Development Key Messaging Inbound Concepts


After a direction is determined in the strategy phase, we really get to work researching your competition, reviewing analytics, brainstorming features and drafting designs and copy.

Information Architecture Wireframes Content Outline

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As a platform and technology-neutral firm, nothing we do is one-size-fits-all, but it is all done with your strategy and customer in mind. From e-commerce sites with custom widgets to native mobile apps to targeted PPC campaigns, we make sure your business is expertly represented on the forefront of digital.

Website / App Email Workflows Social Media Content


Metrics are key to determining what’s working. And what’s not. We provide detailed weekly / monthly reports to showcase ROI. We’ll even walk you through the data so you can tell your boss how awesome you are.

Driving relevant traffic to crucial pages.

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Meet our people

We take on every project from a team-based approach, crowdsourcing
our knowledge and recommendations together to make the best of every opportunity.

Rob Thomas

Rob Thomas
Chief Executive Officer

Adrian Hebert-Thomas

Adrian Hebert-Thomas
VP, Legal Services

Denise Hebert-Gray

Denise Hebert-Gray
VP, Marketing and Communications

Tell Us About Your Idea

We like fast - the same way the technology market moves. In the time it takes you to say
“I’ve got a great idea”, someone else has already started working on a similar project half
the world away. Tell us about your idea, and we’re sure we can take to the next level.

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